All litigation is challenging, but complex commercial litigation is especially trying because it presents intricate problems involving multiple issues, parties and jurisdictions.  Even the simplest payment dispute can become a web of potential pitfalls when the parties involved are from different jurisdictions or multiple parties claim the right to the same funds.  Successfully resolving a complex commercial litigation puzzle requires experienced attorneys who are both nimble in approach and creative in finding and creating potential solutions or strategies.

The attorneys at Skierski Jain PLLC have spent years advocating for their clients in complex cases in both state and federal courts across the nation and across borders.  They have litigated disputes involving asset sales, breaches of fiduciary duties, directors’ and officers’ liability, large-scale construction and manufacturer liens, fraudulent conveyances, creditors’ rights, insurance subrogation and fraud, unlawful takings, commercial contracts, wind-down of business entities, bankruptcy preference proceedings and claim objections, lien priorities, license disputes, landlord-tenant disputes, construction disputes, property law issues, section 1382 rights, civil RICO cases, and transportation law disputes.  

Mr. Skierski and Ms. Jain have the resources to efficiently and knowledgeably analyze multiple issues of fact and law, develop strategies that best address their client’s concerns and litigation goals and handle the production and review of large collections of documents and information while striving to minimize the attendant costs.