As advocates in both mediation and arbitration, Mr. Skierski and Ms. Jain apply their experience to help their clients achieve sound resolutions in alternative forums.  They recognize that the courtroom is often not the best place to resolve complex legal issues and that while litigation may become necessary, mediation and arbitration are often more efficient and economical ways to resolve financial, business, familial, contractual, probate and other conflicts.

Mr. Skierski is also a trained and experienced mediator and arbitrator.  He conducts mediations with the goal of ensuring that all of the issues involved in a dispute are addressed.  He manages the mediation process in a way that allows each party to be heard and to participate in creating customized and comprehensive solutions.  Moreover, once Mr. Skierski begins a mediation, if it does not resolve within the first session, he stays with the case and the parties through continued communications by phone and e-mail, additional sessions and additional means necessary to help the parties reach an accord.

Judges and juries do their best, but they are often tasked with deciding cases that involve subjects they do not fully understand.  Their view of a dispute is limited to the information presented to them in a short period of time, and they rarely have access to all of the necessary background and facts underlying a conflict.  That unavoidable limitation often leads judges and juries to make decisions unsatisfactory to some or all of the parties.  Mediation allows parties to take unorthodox approaches and to create solutions tailored to their specific needs.  Because parties are able to design their own solutions, mediation affords all parties a more satisfactory result.

Like mediation, commercial arbitration is increasingly being used to resolve disputes.  Arbitration may save parties time and money, while giving them access to decision-makers with a detailed understanding of an industry or subject central to their dispute.  Though it is a useful form of alternative dispute resolution, arbitration should only be considered on a case-by-case basis using the advice of an experienced attorney.  

Sometimes, litigation, arbitration and mediation may be required to resolve a business or legal issue.  Mr. Skierski and Ms. Jain possess the knowledge and skills necessary to guide their clients through each of these processes.