In the complex world of insurance, the successful resolution of subrogation claims represents one of very few opportunities for insurance companies to increase their bottom line.  At Skierski Jain PLLC, our attorneys focus upon maximizing recoveries regardless of claim size.  Mr. Skierski and Ms. Jain work with their insurance company clients pursuing reimbursement of claims across the nation and across borders. 

The subrogation practice at Skierski Jain PLLC revolves around property claims arising from fires, transportation, and other causes regardless of the line of insurance involved.  From the $1.2 million yacht that collides with a bridge during overland transport to the damaged trailer struck in a run-of-the-mill traffic accident, we have the resources and knowledge to successfully investigate and resolve claims.

Unlike many nationwide subrogation firms in the habit of passing files to local counsel, at Skierski Jain PLLC, our attorneys remain directly involved in all subrogation matters from initiation to settlement or judgment to collection.  Our involvement serves two purposes:  First, we retain responsibility and control over the file to ensure maximum recovery.  Second, we are able to perform our comprehensive legal services while minimizing cost for our clients.